Linux Compatibility With Various Tablets

I’m looking for X86 & ARM tablets, as my Surface Pro 3’s battery is dying.

If you have experience with Linux on any tablets please feel free to share your experience. I want to build out this list to help out anyone looking for a Linux Tablet.

This is what we have so far

X86 Tablets

Surface Pro 3

:white_check_mark: Ubuntu 20.04: Seems to work out of the box.
Works: Touch, pen, type cover, WiFi, Micro SD card reader
Issues: Mine has an issue when you wake it after deep sleep it will go back to sleep after a few seconds, but after you wake it again it stays awake.
-TeckMonster 08/09/2022

:x:Arch (using archinstall)
No WiFi
-TeckMonster 06/09/2022

:x: Suface Pro 4
No touch on Ubuntu or Manjaro
-TeckMonster 2021


:ballot_box_with_check: Nexus 7
Ubuntu Touch 16.04: Technically fully functional as far as I can tell, but this is very old hardware, thus too slow to use as a main Tablet. I use it as an e-reader.
-TeckMonster 08-09-2022

:x: Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus (TB-X606F, 4GB+128GB)
I bought two of these and bricked them both trying to downgrade android to a recommended version for Ubuntu Touch. This is sad, as this would be perfect for me, even though UT is still very outdated.
-TeckMonster 12/15/2021

Please post anything you know about running Linux on tablets below. Thanks.


I’ll tell you what I really want is to install Linux on my Tab S6.

I may just get the JingPad. NVM, I forgot it doesn’t have a headphone jack for some reason… And the store is down.

Apparently you can do it with most Surface machines via:

Also found this specifically for the Surface Go 2:

I haven’t tried setting up one of these yet but it’s on the to do list. If you want a linux tablet with pen support I haven’t seen anything more promising sadly.

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I do believe that you will get more input for such a question on XDA forums. They’re always trying to install Linux and other stuff on PDA’s and stuff.

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I got a Venue 11 Pro tablet running Fedora Workstation and it works great

I has a user replaceable battery, SSD, Wifi and WWAN under a plastic shell you just pull off on the i5 models

Fedora Workstation 36:
Works: Touch, pen, type cover, Windows/“Super” button, keyboard dock, USB and LAN via desktop dock, wifi, brightness sensor, both cameras, SD card, sound, bluetooth

Issues: Intel RapidStart has to be disabled in BIOS for sleep to work correctly. Also my unit has corrupted Intel ME (Don’t ask, I don’t even know) where it will not turn on with the keyboard dock attached and will only spring to life with pulling the battery out

Ubuntu 20.04:
Canonical ships broken packages that breaks type cover and keyboard attachements the moment you login


  • The type cover keyboard sucks
  • Make sure you get it with the original micro USB charger, because this thing charges 19v via microusb but can also do 5v charging
  • Keyboard docks that come with the built in battery will always have the battery fully dead and will need a replacement

Quick edit since I forgot about this
To get the headphone jack working you need to run this command and reboot and it’ll work

sudo cat options snd-hda-intel model=dell-headset-multi > /etc/modprobe.d/audio-jack.conf

Lenovo X12 intel 11th gen CPU.

Submmitted patches are mainlined weeks ago. Find reddit posts about experience of this device

JingPad is not going to be better than X86. They seem to be given up on mass production.

this is awesome!

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