Linux and a ton of RAW photos

Hey all,

In a few days I am returning from a trip to England.

I took a ton of photos with my DSLR and they have been saving as a RAW image only.

Is there any good programs on Linux to take all of these photos (500+ easy) and mass convert them to JPG all at once (not having to do it one by one), or is that just asking for trouble with system resources?


depends on the camera, what size are these and what system? are you going to grade this images or just turn them to jpegs, as you may as well just shoot jpeg if you don't use them as RAW files?

It's a Canon Rebel T2i, so not super high end anymore of course.

I will grade SOME of the images, but I will be showing the pictures to some of my family back at home, and of course it'll load much better and quicker if they are JPG instead of RAW.

They seem to be 20 MB-ish a picture.

So I want to turn them all to JPGs, but still keeping the RAW copies for grading.


darktable should do this (linked above)
Also rawtherapee, but I prefer darktable.

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I switched to darktable from PS a month back.

At first it seemed like I couldn't do anything but after I watched a few edit videos on youtube I quickly learned how to use darktable to it's full power.

I highly recommend if you're going to use darktable to take the time to watch some people doing edits with it. It was very helpful for me.