Linus got Noctua to make actual black coolers


Well, it does now.

Not that interesting for me since I prefer my systems to operate in pure darkness anyway but still, they look pretty nice. Thanks @LinusTech!


I wish there were more options for white and clear fans. Black, gray and other dark colors are so over done in the PC world, JMHO.

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they come with black corners as well if irc

I thought the Chromax line came out a while ago?


Clear fans might be tough, I haven’t seen a clear fan that didn’t feel like crappy toy plastic. So that might be down to the material itself. And white is one of the hardest things to do because human vision is so good recognizing color casts in white.

They do.

Those were still uncoated heatsinks though, just plastic covers.

Plenty of those ~10 years ago when Neon and UV was a thing.

The market will probably cycle back to brighter colors eventually (if RGB hasn’t killed it completely).

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I like the fugly Noctua colors. They’re my way of signifying I don’t give a shit what my computer looks like on the inside.


Wow, Noctuas website is struggling hard right now. xD

I put a picture of the black NH-D15 in the first post.

Ah, I didn’t realize they had powdercoated the fins and whatnot as well.

Now they’ve finally caught up with be quiet! and Cryorig /s

I might actually start recommending them now.

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Nah, they will have to sabotage their mounting system to get down to BeQuiets.

I imagine powdercoating heatpipes i the bigger challenge.

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I meant more for aesthetics. Performance is close enough between the dual stack coolers, and mounting is moot once it’s mounted.

I had a bit of a brainfart there, they would probably anodize the fins and block and powdercoat the heatpipes. Unless the heatpipes are an alloy, at which point they could anodize the whole heatsink as one unit.


The only thing that irks me is why does it take Linus to get noctua to do anyhting other than the brown. Didn’t he also have them do the black and orange fans years ago and they they released the industrial ppc ones after that too, but I don’t know if he was responsible for that.

Either way more choice but personally I am with @Ruffalo on this. Have a D14 and 5 case fans all in the two tone brown, shits like a kinder bueno up in my case.

Like a what?


Hmmmm guess that is not universal.

One of these:


My literal reaction lmao. Thanks for clarifying @Zibob – I envisioned that stick going, uh, the opposite way I guess.

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Like I posted on his video, even UGLY Coolers need good homes, hence why I own two of them :wink:

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