Linode cancelled my account after I signed up with the L1 code


So, I registered myself with linode using email with my yandex account. They cancelled my account AFTER I gave them my credit card Info.

Now, I can’t get into the account and unsure if they still hold onto my CC Info.

Also, their account cancellation email explained that my account did not meet their “criteria” for an account. But they didn’t specify what the criteria was.

I suspect it has to do with a yandex account. It is absurd if that is the case.

You guys can scrutinize linode better. I am just giving you a heads up.

P.S. I sent an email to their support team on what “criteria” that my account failed, so I can avoid doing that when signing up. But this whole thing feels like google and their play store.

Edit: It happened again with my outlook account. VERY DISAPPOINTING.


Not sure what the domains are for this, but a lot of people hated my .tech email address. Some people wouldn’t even let me sign up.

Sorry about your troubles, man. Linode is pretty good.

When I tried to create a Linode account, they ended up denying my registration and stated that it was because I was using a VPN. May/may not be the reason as to why it failed for you.

Why should it matter if you are using a VPN or not? They shouldnt be tracking your IP address when you make an account.

That’s not tracking.

They’re probably just doing a lookup to see if the IP they’re using for the VPN is on a blacklisted block or something from known spammers.

Quite common to block entire IP blocks actually.

true, but still. The point stands. It shouldnt matter.

It does matter. There is more going on than what we see at face value.


So if I try to sign up While on a Domain VPN at my company…they should outright block me?

I had to give proof and reason to get vultr to open up email ports just due to the sheer amount of spamming.

Its not about the VPN itself. Its about the amount of users that sign up with that VPN and how much suspicious activity comes from it.

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If your domain comes from a known bad block then yes it is entirely possible.

that sounds like a wrong way to work but I understand the reasoning

that sounds like a weak form of discriminating against someone based on where they are from simply because of the actions of many people from that area.

It may not be but that is how that comes off as. Blacklisting someone simply because they happen to be from a particular Block of IP addresses.

Granted, I understand why they do it but…

That was my job for a year and a half. “F around and find out” was our policy regarding spamming.

Yeah it sucks but it’s the cheapest solution to a complicated problem. Again, this is just speculation.

Without a rep from Linode telling us why we’re just guessing. There’s not really any point besides acknowledgement of this whistle blowing and then digging further.

wait until you see what they do with email.

I’m blocked by all microsoft email servers despite doing everything correctly and being fully legitimate because my emails come from an IP used by a VPS company.

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Shit dude, Google throws a fit from my emails even though I use Mailgun and did everything according to their documentation to set correctly for security.