Links 1900 acs Open VPN questions

I’m either not doing something right or I’m not understanding exactly what open VPN is for. My linksys 1900 acs has open VPN built in and I have downloaded the app, retrieved the profile and transferred it to my phone. It does allow me to connect via 4G but it only allows me to access my routers ui and not any other pages. From my understanding it is supposed to reroute my traffic for ‘safe’ browsing on an open WiFi connection or a 4G connection through my router. Am I missing something or is it only supposed to allow me to remotely access my network?

I’m not familiar with the router but I’d say you need to set up the firewall to forward traffic to the wan.

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It ‘should’ reroute all your traffic, you can get a general idea by doing an ip check to see if you are getting the 4G IP or your home IP.

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It appears that I’m getting my home ip.

I don’t think I can forward a specific ip I have port forwarding and dmz but that’s it.

I found this thread and it seems that adding
-redirect-gateway def1-
Will make it work, I will try this when I get home and post results.