Link private url to youtube or other pages

Hi, my question is very simple. My page right now is, from inside my page if a person click on a youtube link, photo or whatever i’ve set up, they are taken to our youtube page.

But what I’d like to do, is have it so that when people type: on their address bar, they are taken directly to our youtube page, is this possible? I’m sure it should be. How to I do it?

Not just for youtube, but for our other places we’d like to directly link our customers.

Thanks in advace!

301 redirection may work for you. If you are using nginx, you could add a /youtube location to your config:

 location /youtube {
             return 301;

Just replace with your specific url. I don’t know the syntax for apache.


I’ve just read about a 301 redirection and it made little sense to me hahah.

I forgot to say that I’m actually a noob that’s running his website on “Squarespace”. They have a tutorial on making 301 redirects, but I’m not sure it that’s what I need, I’ll post the link to their article.

Its called: 301 vs 302 redirects

If you could clarify to me, i’d greatly appreciate it. I don’t really know any programming.

On the article you linked, you probably want “Examples and common scenarios > Other Domains”:

/fundraiser -> 301

or in your case:

/youtube -> 301
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I guess that is as clear as I’ll get it. I’ll find a way to paste that into wherever I need to hehehe.

Thanks a lot. You saved me a lot time searching for that :slight_smile: