Life called

...and it wants me to participate again.
I did not want to make a post about me leaving. Just wanted to take a step back and melt with the shadows.
Then when I went through all the files I gathered during my time on the TS/L1T forums, I felt like I was taking too much with me.

My significant other brought up that it might be a good idea to let the future generations find their own path. Said significant other is also the main reason I need more time outside the internet. And knowing me, I either do it right or not at all. That is that.

The downloadabel stuff:
1.5GB of mildly funny/interesting pictures:
14MB of things I created for the community:
326MB of pictures found on here:
140MB of wallpapers I collected from posts:

Password required CrossCarbon

I hope my last post does not conflict with any rules.
And now, I make my exit!


wuuh, take care.

but internet is part of modern life.

We will miss you, enjoy life beyond the screen.

When the internet takes over real life it is always best to step back, well done.


Take care m8.

Have fun on the other side

Life? Never heard of her.


Living life outside the Internet?

You sir, are the most interesting man on Earth.

Come back soon!

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@CrossCarbon I actually got tears in my eyes. I wish you the best of luck in the outside world. I am glad you have support you do in regards to a significant other and are listening to that person. Bless that person's soul for truly trying to be there for you. I don't know what else to say.

Just ran from the kitchen while cooking supper and have to say one final thing ....

The tears were tears of joy and hope for you.

;.; see ya around m80...

hugs goodbye

drop in every once in a while... maybe.

Fare thee well CrossCarbon

I hope your future endeavors take you places that bring you great joy and pleasure

You will surely be missed

One thing I have found in life is its change is good but its never black and white. All the best until we meet again.

I know we fought more than once over stupid hardware stuff, but your seem like a legitimately good, standup guy, and I wish you the best. I hope to see you come around occasionally, as I won't have many people to argue with about why something Nvidia or AMD did is good/bad. At least not many people that can put up as good of an argument.


I won't forget the help and suggestions you gave me. Life calls and even if it's a a b**ch at times you have to answer the call. I wish you the best for your life and I hope you'll have more time for all your significant others.

Best of luck on your journeys mate.

Thanks for the Wallpaps!