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Librem One to Sign In To

So I’m pretty new to all the federated stuff. I looked into it a little bit a while back, but haven’t done anything with it because it’s like good luck getting any of my non-techy friends onto it.

But the internet filter at work has forced me to move to a new platform. I was using Signal, but that got blocked. Then Telegram, but that got blocked too.

I noticed Librem Chat (which my understanding is just a Purism-re-branded Riot?) is not blocked at work. There is no Librem Chat for Windows/Mac as far as I know, so I downloaded Riot, but I’m not really sure how I’d log in.

Is it possible?

It might be possible, but I haven’t seen anything on how to do it or if they allow it. Afaik, all the librem one services are just rebrands with the possible exception of the email.

It’s all very new and is supported on a limited number of platforms. I bought into it as well but am waiting for them to flesh it out. I’m happy to give them some early support without having to go so far as to buy into the phone.

Never mind. Found it on Purism forum.


EDIT: Deleted a couple paragraphs.

This does work. I must have had a typo or something.

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Good to know, thanks