LibreELEC and Netflix

I just discovered that LibreELEC's alpha version is able to decrypt Netflix now. I don't know how many here are running LibreELEC on their Raspberry, but I just wanted to let you guys know. Just follow the instructions here:

When I tried it on my RPi2 it didn't run smoothly though, which is why I oc'd it to 1GHz. This did reduce the stuttering, but audio still seems to be out o sync. Anyway, I hope they fix this in the coming months and I'm looking forward to running Netflix on my RPi3.


Yeah Netflix is a pain in the butt for any Kodi installation :frowning: there's always been some add-ons for it (even though they essentially just launched chrome, but hey, at least seemless...), but every one of them stopped working at one point or another and wasn't fixed up...

What about library integration though? Can you easily scan your shows to the library? Because if that works it's going to be a huge step in getting this mindset out of companies that everything Kodi related must be illegally obtained...

Well, on ARM (RPi) it didn't work at all. I once tried copying ChromeOS' DRM library, but watching shows was impossible due to stuttering...

Are you talking about shows on your external drive or Netflix shows? Since the Netflix addon is still in alpha I assume this feature is net yet added. Here is a link to the Github site:

The Netflix shows :smiley: normal library scanning works well enough :slight_smile:

Is that using the regular (yet not released) Kodi 18 version? I've read something about the need to use kodi-agile when learning about the native netflix plugin initially, but while using xbmc/kodi for a decade now, I honestly don't know what that even means (no research done yet).

I just updated to the current alpha version of Kodi 18.

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I gave it a try on my RPi3 and everything seems to work fine so far :slight_smile:
I'm looking forward to this release :wink:


Also the installation wasn’t really an issue.

Indeed, I just wanted to inform people that Netflix/Amazon/Stuff will work on LibreELEC running Kodi 18.

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