Lian Li O11 power button mod?

My Lian Li O11 Dynamic arrived today, and I’m overall very happy with it. One issue that’s staring me in the face is the power button. It’s alternating between blue and pink. I assume that’s the activity LED shining RED and the power led a pastel blue.

Has anyone modified this? I was tempted to pull the little circuit board out and sticky a small strip of digital LEDs in there the entire length, so I could backlight the IO ports. Maybe change the color of the LEDs for the power and activity. Pastel blue and pink just isn’t doing it for me.

Easiest way to verify that is unplugging the HDD LED on the mainboard.

You can take a multimeter and measure the voltage accross the LED, then you (and I) can make an informed decision about replacement LEDs and resistors, if you want to take a soldering iron to the problem that is.

I dont have a case to measure but its probably a 22mm switch

here are a lot of direct swap options.

Strangely I haven’t taken any direct frontal pics of the new build. Here’s a crop from an off angle shot. That’s the power button up top, rectangular and soldered directly to a large PCB behind the panel that also supports the USB slots and audio jacks.

One of these days I’ll tear it out of there and get some measurements. I’ll take @MazeFrame advice and unplug the HDD header for the short term fix :smile:

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that makes it a bit more difficult

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Could you also take measurements of the button? I have the feeling that is a common size.

The hole for the button is 18mm tall by 8mm wide. I’m guessing the button is just a cap on a 4 or 5mm smt tact switch with an LED on the side.

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youve probs sorted the light but i had this issue and it turned out that is put the 2 led plus into the mother board in the wrong order (so the plus into the minus and vise versa)