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Lian Li o11 Air Dual graphics?

I am interested about LianLi O11 Air as I think it might be just the perfect one I need.

If I was going to throw dual RTX2080tis in it, how would the clearance to the bottom one be?

As it has no power supply shroud but instead, fans, I guess this might be good for for this use case

I have had high thermals putting a card to the bottom 8x PCIe slot when the fans are blocked by the shroud.

what motherboard?

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Gigabyte x570 Aorus Pro

You really shouldn’t have any problems. What’s your cooling setup like?


I can say my build has worked amazing with a 360mm on the side venting out, and 240mm up top blowing out. Again this is a watercooling system. The lower clearance for a ATX board is slimmer than the newer ROG XL version if your running air. That might be a better option if you also want to put fans down in the bottom as well. Here’s mine with a water block in the top slot with lower fans installed. A note as well, the lower intakes are fairly blocked with material between the air vs the ROG XL. Fans do work, but I’d advise high static pressure. I’ll see if I can attach pictures later.

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Thanks for the reply. My cooling is 360mm AIO that I use for CPU and intend to mount on top.
My GPU is RTX2080 Super with dual fans.

Really sweet looking system and awesome package as whole.
Yes it seems that air cooling two GPUs in this case might be a bit tight.
I think I will consider the XL version. It should be pretty future proof as well, right?

That’s great. If your 2080 Super is a dual slot sku, you should be able to make it fit without any problem, I think.

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Correct. If its a dual slot there should be room. Might be tight if you want fans on the bottom but it should work. Currently when I looked at my motherboard, the fans come up to just below my 3rd slot on my MSI Z390 MEG ACE motherboard if you need a reference.

MEG Z390 has two slots between the 1st and 2nd PCIEx16 so if they are dual they both should have room to breathe. With air in from the front side and bottom being pulled out the top I can imagine they would run very cool in the Air version of the case.

FYI, just don’t get gouged on the price. They come up for 199-200 USD, people have been marking them up to twice that or more. Just a FYI because I have been eyeing the XL version drooling to put in dual or tripple 360mm radiators. Not because I need to but because I love water cooling. lol

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Looking at my use case I kind of doubt if I will really need second GPU even in foreseeable future, even a single GPU can already do so much.

XL is also more expensive here in Japan that it is abroad, maybe because relatively few people buy it.

Instead of Air I think about just going with the ordinary Dynamic version now that it seems Amazon has it in stock. I would prefer to get my computer situation look more clean so that I could focus in work more.