Lian Li Master Race (?)

Hi folks

Was thinking of replacing my 800D with some new goodies, maybe a Lian Li case. I've always wanted to try one of those. Any suggestions? (other brands also welcome)

- Need to have space for storing atleast 6 Harddrives

- Sleek looking

- PSU compartment separated from the rest

- Atleast 1 intake fan at front

Pricing is not that important.

I'll do a nice writeup review on whatever case I'd go for : )

so far i have this one in mind:

Except for the gianormus size this is in, it looks perfect. Feel free to fetch me some other alternatives with same high-end build features, but not so big in size,-Fulltower,-Sort-100pcnt-aluminium-44145-p0000154583.aspx

(Also, bonus question: anyone know if the wheels can be locked? A bit turnoff if they can't, as I have my pc on my desk, with about 3cm clearing from the edge of the table :p

I always really liked the lian li PC-80, although the most recent variation is a step in the wrong direction I think, none the less it has always been appealing to me.

Although, if you like the clean, brushed aluminium, conservative look there is always the old TJ07 or if you can find one, an ATCS 840.

Or there is this mother trucker:

Lian Li <3


Freaking huge but got everything covered.


One of the best midi-towers you can get. Perfection of the NZXT Tempest.


I need it to have 2x 140mm(with 120mm screwholes aswell) (or 120mm) fan holes, either in the back or at the top, to house my Corsair H100.

proud Lian Li owner here chiming in, the PC-80 is a lovely evolution on the original PC-6 case and PC-7/B/BII.  I currently have done many upgrades to my PC-7BII, and it's still rock solid as ever, though the lower drive cage is not the best positioning, you can remove it though.

I'm personally a huge fan of the Silverstone TJ11. There's always the Cooler Master Cosmos II as well. They're both pretty huge cases, especially the Cosmos, but they do look really nice and sleek imo. The Silverstone is a little more geared towards water cooling, and the Cosmos would do great with both air and water cooling.