LGA775 Mobo, LGA771 xeon possible?

After watching the new tek I got interested and i'm curious now

The specs for this pc are :GA-8trc410mnf-rh,intel pentium4,ATI radeon xpress 200,FSP250-60HEN,HDD 160gb 

I read somewhere that you needed the nortbridge chipset but there are exceptions so I'm not sure if I can actually change anything.

Greatly appreciate any feedback :)


Why would you want to? What's the logic there?

 GA-8trc410mnf-rh. Sounds awfully like a propriety board produced by Gigabyte. Without knowing the chipset I can't tell you if it would.

But if it has a P4 in it, I doubt it will support a Core2 and thus not a Xeon either.

Find which out which chipset it is.

Shits and Giggles?

it supports up to a petium Ds in it no xeons/c2D/c2q in it

I'm not surprised (seeing the age) , thanks anyway!

you can buy like the fastest Pentium D for like 5$ and some Ethernet/wifi cards on Ebay and Bam you got a PFsense box