LGA4189 Xeon Silver or LGA3647 Xeon Gold?

Here’s the image of the boxed new Icelake chip

So I’m able to get a “new” Xeon Silver 4310 for £389 or a last gen Xeon Gold 6136 for £360 and curious what you guys would pick for a homelab and workstation that doesn’t need much IO other than dual gpu and a nvme raid.

Which xeon Gold exactly?

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I think you need to find out what SKU gold they are offering. The lower end of Gold 5200’s will run slower than a Xeon Silver 4310 and on the higher end of the Gold 6200 they will pull down over 200W. Really need to know what gold SKU to make decision.

Opps sorry i gorgot to add the SKU in the post, its the Gold 6136

they are offering the Gold 6136

The Gold is actually two generations behind the Silver but should still have comparable performance with its larger cache and higher clock speeds. As for which to pick, I’m not sure either is a great deal. The Silver looks to be discounted about 20% but you won’t find many used LGA4189 servers or motherboards on the secondary market to pair it with. So it might be quite expensive buying new components just to save ~£100 on the CPU.

And the Gold is IMO the better pick for dropping into a used server, but I feel like £360 is too expensive. Maybe the market is different in the UK but I can buy it on eBay for $279.99.

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Relavent data to compare

yeah the market is pretty different tbh, all our LGA3647 boards are pricey and at a price where im just considering maybe buying a 4189 board for an extra £100 so i can also have new and newer features.