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LG V20 As MP3 Player


Happy Sunday Everyone!

So recently @sgtawesomesauce did a post that brought up needing a new phone, partially because it could only play music for a brief period of time before dieing. I’m not in the same boat, however I do own an LG V20 (got it for free after my parents upgraded their phones) and have heard wonderful things about it. I’m looking to see if anyone has good ideas for having a de-Googled way of running the phone. Not because of spying or anything like that, but because I literally want to use it for listening to music, particularly in my wife’s and I 2010 Outback. Any suggestions, ideas, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!


Just Do It Challenge: Revival Edition

Custom os can help degooglify. I had my share of de googling with custom roms. You could check out XDAdevelopers to see what they got going on for the V20.

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@Ancient_Evil_God I’ll take a look there. Since I switched to an iPhone just over a year ago, I haven’t been in the ROM scene much. Appreciate the direction!

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The other thing you can do is use lg’s stock media player. Not tied to google.

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It looks like that might be what I have to do. For some reason the phone won’t boot into the recovery mode. I’ve done the button combinations, tried adb reboot bootloader, but nothing is bringing it up. The strange thing is, this is what people are suggesting to do…



I currently own a v20, and am running a custom rom.

The v20 has like six or so different sub models for different carriers. Some are easy to unlock the bootloader on(needed for installing a custom rom), and some are a bit more painful. Let us me know which one you have and I can provide a bit more guidance.

I second the rec of xda forums for info on custom android roms and whatnot.

As for a mp3 player software, I really like foobar2000. It is not foss, but it does not use the google play services, has an official apk download available, and has great functionality.

Also, the speaker on it is ok, but the 3.5mm jack is where the audio quality is at.

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Okay cool! I’m running the H910 (AT&T) variant and I guess it’s one of the more difficult ones? The problem I’m seeing is that there is no stock bootloader so you’re forced to do all this convoluted stuff possibly, big pain.



Thats the same one I have.

I used this guide to unlock the bootloader-

I am currently running the SuperRom, but am planning to switch to x86cpu’s unoffical lineageos 16 build once I have some time.

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Alright so I got further with that tutorial. However trying to run the actual applypatch command they have, it doesn’t execute, states it’s the wrong format. Not sure what to try next as this could be a version issue with Terminal Emulator.

EDIT: Sadly it seems the exploit for that post was patched out possibly. The “run-as con” command won’t execute any longer.



Not sure if anyone is following this post, but I finally got it all figured out!

Got the phone’s bootloader unlocked, TWRP flashed, and am now in the process of flashing a new ROM. (Tomorrow, it’s late now haha)

Followed the post from @TheCakeIsNaOH, and then the guide located here.

Hopefully this can be helpful to others, but all-in-all, it was a learning experience!

Final Update: I got the LineageOS ROM flashed, setup, and am now in the process of transferring some music to make sure everything works as it should! I’m wondering if I should count this towards my [Just Do It Challenge]…

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Foobar’s interface in the android leaves a lot to be desired. Have you tried Vinyl as an alternative? Its in the F-Droid repo and it has a better experience. One strength foobar has is its customizability. But vinyl just works off the fly

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Thanks for the suggestion I’ll be sure to look into it!