LG starts, but hangs right after, UPS 0, FPS ~120

My LG client starts, show image for a few seconds, and then hangs (as you can see on screenshot, there is slight transparent parts of login screen in the center), with UPS=0 and FPS=119-120. When connecting monitor to guest card directly, everything works good.

inb4: I kept it for a few minutes, and it still same. So problem is not because of image is never changing.

Any help would be much appreciated, thx.

Version: B1
Host card: RX 570
Guest card: RX 5700 XT

Seems related to topic from 2-3 days ago “UPS is reading zero but FPS is ~300” (can’t understand how to include link, sry)

Okay, seems like I figured that one out. After searching I found that guest GPU should have something attached (monitor or some stub). For now I use old monitor, which acts like a stub.

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I am having the same issue. Can you expand on what you mean by having something attached? I have an HDMI cable attached to my guest GPU and this problem still persists.

PCI passthrough works perfectly fine when connecting cable to the guest GPU.