LG G5 LGLS992 Lineage OS

I dont see a download link for the LG G5 hardware version LGLS992. I only see downloads for the h850 and h830 on the downloads.


Will installing one of those brick my phone?

If you have a working recovery, when trying to install the wrong rom it will fail with an error indicating incorrect device.

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Gotta give love to that name.


Based on that, it looks like the LS992 uses pretty much the same hardware as the h850 and h830. There may be difference in radio firmware or Wifi etc though.
TMO stands for T-mobile whereas Intl is short for International. If you’re going to risk flashing a ROM that may or may not work, the h850 will be your best bet because it’s an international ROM.

That being said, a quick search on XDA Developers suggests not trying it. It may not even be possible to unlock the bootloader on the LS992.

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Personally I’d suggest selling the LS992 and getting an h850 or another phone that is compatible with Lineage.

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