LG G4 international version, Blank screen google PlayStore. need help

So my girfriend has a problem with her new LG G4 (international) with the google apps.
It runs stock android marshmallow software.

The playstore just shows a blank screen or keeps loading and displaying nothing.
After applying this fix here it works but after a week the same problem occurs.

All the other google apps also won't load.
It's getting really annoying so does anyone know a possible permanent fix?


Did you do the full reset?

Yes but same results

I read a lot of people saying that the screen protector is at fault. Which sounded hella stupid to me until I saw a video on depth sensor issues.

Have a look at this.

if your are up for it try that out, or if the phone is still under warranty send it in.

here is another good read.

I have the LG G3 bought and it has run like a champ since day juan.

hope all this helps

Thank you for your reply, however i think you mis understood.

I-am talking about the Playstore only, the playstore has a blank screen (not black) and the other google apps won't load either.

So the links you send don't have anything to do with this problem.

I also have the G3 with cloudy, love it

:edit: yesterday i disabled all google apps except the playstore and play services. hopefully that helps.
(she doesn't use the rest anyway)
And deleted some misc apps such as some old vpn's and facebook with facebook messenger.
(facebook is cause for many many problems...)

i would still give this a shot thou.

skip down to " Boot to Recovery Mode and Wipe Cache Partition"

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If that doesn't work you may have to factory reset. Just backup before you do.

the black screen has nothing to do with the problem i-am having but clearing the cache might indeed help.
I'll try that if it happens again, but so far so good.

Already tried that a while ago, does not help

The international version h815 has an AOSP and Cyanogenmod Roms for it you could try that and install Gapps yourself.

Granted I would send it off under warranty first.