LG G4 battery drain while using

So, I got a LG G4 for my birthday I've heard tales of great battery life and so on.
But while using it, it's draining pretty quickly, although standby battery life is beastly (1%/hour)
Anyone encountered the same thing or is it supposed to be like this?

Try turning your brightness down to what you find acceptable for viewing wherever you're at. The screen is probably one of the biggest battery drains. I also keep my Location off because I don't really have any need for it unless I'm using the Maps navigation. I think Facebook Messenger also drains your battery. Go to your Battery Usage section in your settings. I'm willing to bet on screen brightness and location being on though.

You're right about the standby, I've gone to sleep with it off the charger and 8 hours later it's only dropped maybe 8%