LG 24UD58-B vs. Samsung U24E590D?

So there are two monitors I'm currently looking at, the LG 24UD58-B and the Samsung U24E590D. The specs look very similar to each other, and I'm not really sure which one is "better", if one even is.

LG 24UD58-B specs
  • Size - 23.8"
  • Resolution - 3840x2160 (4K)
  • Panel - IPS
  • Refresh Rate - 60 Hz
  • Freesync
  • Response time - 5 ms GTG
  • Color Gamut - 72% NTSC
  • Color Depth - 8 bit + FRC
  • Brightness - 250 cd/m2
  • Connectors - 2x HDMI, 1x DP
  • Warranty - 1 year
  • Price - $280
Samsung U24E590D specs
  • Size - 23.6"
  • Resolution - 3840x2160 (4K)
  • Panel - PLS
  • Refresh Rate - 60 Hz
  • Freesync
  • Response time - 4 ms GTG
  • Color Gamut - 100% sRGB
  • Color Depth - 8 bit
  • Brightness - 250 cd/m2
  • Connectors - 2x HDMI, 1x DP
  • Warranty - 1 year
  • Price - $270

What I'm looking for is pretty simple:

  • 5 ms or faster response time
  • No larger than 25 inches
  • Good color reproduction
  • VESA mount
  • Less than $300

From what I can tell both monitors satisfy those desires. The Samsung has a 1 ms faster response time and it's $10 cheaper. The LG should have better color because of the FRC and the VESA mount is in a better position. The Freesync, color gamut, refresh rate, brightness, resolution, size, warranty, and connectivity are pretty much the same as far as I can tell.

Is either one really better than the other? Alternatively, are there any monitors that I'm not looking at that I should?

I'd also pitch in the Asus MG24UQ, which is an IPS 24 inch 4k monitor as well. I would personally recommend going 1440p at 24 inches though since your going to have to scale in OS because of the insane PPI density at 24 inch in 4k.

Are you sure 4K at 24" is a good idea?
Honestly i would choose the LG purely because i never had a good experience with Samsung products.

That was actually the monitor I was initially looking at, but I saw the Samsung that has similar features and is over $50 cheaper.

My thing with 1440p is that they really aren't much cheaper than 4K, if at all when I looked yesterday. I'm also used to a high(er) PPI, my laptop is 1080p at 12.5". Weird at first, but I got used to the 176.23 PPI pretty quick.

I've only used a couple Samsung products and no LG products so I don't have a whole lot of brand preference, although the Samsung battery fires turned battery factory fire makes me a little nervous. I don't believe Samsung has batteries in their monitors though, so I'm hoping it wouldn't burn my house down if I went for it.