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LG 24MP58VQ-P ... Will it do the job as a gaming monitor for me? Price used I am looking at


Will it do the job as a gaming monitor for me? Price used I am looking at …

$80 used.

Guy says he is only getting rid of it cuz he can’t mount the monitor in a multi-monitor setup. It was hard to find any reviews on this specific monitor and the one good one on YouTube was in a foreign language I definitely didn’t understand and no CC. : S

Anyone personally use this?

Please note:

I am in Canada so U.S. based recommendations for alternatives do me no good unless they have free shipping to Canada and some insane price.


For a budget monitor? Sure.

Its IPS, so the colors will be pretty good, (Although it doesn’t have the best gamut coverage). And the viewing angles will be great.

IPS has some flaws, though. Like IPS Glow. Which looks similar to backlight bleed, but it isn’t as bad.

IPS monitors have a slower response time, and can have ghosting issues. As well as it being 60 Hz.

The problems, though, wont really matter unless you’re into competitive gaming. For casual gaming, it will work.

You can read more about the difference in monitor panels here

Also, some amazon reviews said that the stand can be a bit wobbly, but only a couple reviews stated that, so that’s on you if you wanna take a chance, or if it would even bother you.

Personal opinion: I think it would be fine for that price. If you’re on a budget and find a good deal, I’d go for it.


Thanks for the info. …

As for the stand I have dealt with monitors in the past like that particularly with my son’s Samsung monitor. It never needed any securing ever but had a strange stand. If this one is a problem I can use stick’em solutions to try to get it to sit.

In regards to ghosting hell yeah I can’t take that as I had bought monitors new and returned them before because of extreme ghosting when gaming. This has 5 ms response time and really is a newer monitor than my son had so thinking … hoping same performance … but definitely will ask to see it working / playing games before buying it.


I would check out Best Buy in the Clearance Section
Prices are not great now but when a good sale pops up you can get a really good deal on a 27 inch screen. Especially open box when they just want it out of the store

Allot depends if you need a monitor right now or not.
Especially with 32 inch monitors going as low as 150 ish


Honestly I am needing a monitor right now and even trying to see if I can do an all trade or part cash / part trade deal. Also I am in Canada so things aren’t as cheap here and we got the 13% tax plus sometimes that recycle fee so getting a good used deal is huge.

There are some nice reasonably priced new monitors on Best Buy and other places but really if I am going to spend $160 including tax plus environmental fee and on up I want to get back my 40+" Sony 4K tv back from that ***** that called herself my son’s stepmom who is hated by my son as much as I hate her now. Agreement was she had the tv as collateral for a loan she gave me. I have my contract with the people I bought it from and am still paying on it and so I can use that to help get it back but I don’t have $250 on me and what she made me sign she did not give me a copy of. Anyway not hard to explain tot the police it clearly wasn’t a gift or sold to her as she never has had it plugged in and with that contract I had I could not sell it. Anyway the woman is a ***** and now I am taken off topic. Btw this is the same woman that won’t give her stepson his Google account info. tied to a Hotmail email account so he can reclaim his phone. Also still has tables my mom bought me that I said I was giving my son for her place when he was there until he moved out and then they would go with him but since he moved out into his own apartment never heard of them being brought there but hey he wants nothing to do with the ***** stepmother.

Sooooooooooooooo …

Right now I am just interested in spend something like the amount I mentioned to get a monitor as playing sports sims from the couch and a few other games just are not working well. Gave up WOW again but when I was playing that from the couch I didn’t even bother trying to raid.


Me and my stepmom never talked after I left home and she soon became a distant memory.

Sometimes I forget that people live in other countries, just saw the PC specs and thought "ok this guy like to hold on to stuff "
Which is a good thing, upgrade-itis is a good way to go broke.
I guess I am rambling but I really wish you and your son the best, that is a shitty situation.
Times like this I wish I was better with words…Take Care and God Bless


Yeah I think it is that way for my son too as he said recently he doesn’t mind taking the loss on all she has kept from him as she is just an awful person and he wants nothing to do with her or her family. For me though every once in awhile I think about my tv and the fact that my family got those tables for him but then you remember it is just monetary based crap. These things can be replaced. I am not quite there to where I can totally move on from what she has done but I am where I don’t incessantly call her, email her and so on. That ended long ago once my son stopped going back to her. With that the anxiety / stress dropped way lower. Still though if I can do something legal about getting these items and do it without stress I will try in the future but it isn’t on my mind like it always used to be. Writing a short email to her doesn’t take as much out of me anymore. I even saw a person we went to high school had her 13 yr old son die of cancer and I let my son’s stepmom know it because that is who I am and she is who she is. What she does with that info. up to her. I already gave my condolences online and if I see this person I hardly knew I will give them my condolences personally.

Btw sorry about what happened with your stepmom and best wishes to you in the future.

As for the Upgrade-itis yeah it is a good way to go broke and I just won’t do it. With the i5 2500K and GTX 670 I had for years I never had to do it. I had a GTX 1080 Ti at one point but that was me just getting one purchase I should not make in before declaring bankruptcy. I guess that would be wrong to some but whatever. Also with my son’s PC, which he now has at his own apartment, he is still kicking an AMD FX 6300 and a GTX 760 and it does the job. As long as it does the job you need it to do no need to upgrade.

You take care …

and if I never get the tv back this monitor or something else will suffice and his stepmom will go on being the evil person she is.


Still have this store to get 15" or 17" monitors starting at $20 and 19" monitors starting at $40. Honestly I could go with 15" viewing (so 17" monitor I believe) and not have any problems with it as I game for years on a screen like that. It is just the adjusting to it and getting a few headaches from it that will not be fun. LOL!

Hope though the other monitor is decent enough as I wouldn’t mind a larger screen.

Thanks for the help so far people and if anyone has used this exact monitor or a different variant of it say smaller size even just share the info. Appreciated much.


It’s an entry level low end IPS monitor.
Not bad but nothing mind-blowing.
The 24MP68VQ-P model have Freesync 56-75Hz, so if you can get that it will be better for gaming that straight up 60Hz MP58 model you are looking at.
But keep in mind it’s cheap IPS. It won’t be great for professional uses… Home use with no freesync - 80$ is good price for it…


Thanks for the reply and yeah it ticks all the boxes I need a monitor for so if I get it for $80 good but so far in my inquiries eh 1 day and no response. I am thinking someone scooped it up already and left the ad up but fingers crossed.