Level1Techs Store Stock: DP Repeater + HDMI Splitter

Are there any plans to restock this device in the future? I’ve signed up in the store to receive notifications already, but was simply curious if you could advise if stock is planned for the future or not. Given the pandemic I understand things are not only severely delayed but also up in the air, so I thought I’d inquire directly if I may. :slight_smile:


If you need one now @oO.o has a used one for sale

I am sure wendell will restock them, just slow and hard to get parts.

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Three actually


Can speak for o.oo it’s fine get his

More are on the way. Always :slight_smile:

Definitely hope there will be new and improved models with HDR metadata support. That’s something I would like to do with my soon to be purchased Shogun Inferno.

Freesync over HDMI is too big of a ask, HDR metadata support is more reasonable.