Level1techs on lbry.tv

So I know you guys are into the crypto, but what do you think about lbry.tv

In short, its a decentralized alternative to Youtube and you get paid in crypto. It works surprisingly well considering it’s using the bit-torrent or something similar to host/stream videos. They have a feature that lets you automatically import videos from Youtube.

I just wanna hear your opinion on this platform. I am not associated with the people behind the project.

EposVox seems to be on there already. I found him by search you guys haha.

Lots of other big Youtubers have joined Odysee/Lbry.
Just a few you have probably heard about.

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Eh this isnt their job and worst case they have floatplane at this point. Would be cool I guess but eh what void does this fill?

Well if it’s really decentralized then there is no censorship, but also getting paid by crypto too.(no advertisers to please) At the very least it’s a free video library backup.

I mean crypto is only worth it if you have a way to cash it out easily, they also have the backup situation covered (YT/Floatplane/Their own solutions) Most of their content doesn’t age super well, some of it does tho. I am not seeing a compelling reason to do it other than its free.


Oh nice, lbry finally got their website going. Having it based on a client was a death sentence.
Looks like the video player could use some work still.

As far as l1t goes, my presumption is diversifying is not cost effective atm. Youtube works very well for the content they produce.

Doesn’t really cost anything to diversify in this case. Since the platform can automatically import videos and it will generate coins on it’s own basically.

But, yea, as mutation666 said if it’s not easy to convert crypto to cash it out then it’s not worth it for the most part. But who knows maybe this will explode.

Time, a finite and valuable comoddity.

It’s literally a few clicks but ok. If I had a channel on youtube I would it because why not? Even if this whole thing fails.

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This is probably especially important now with the purge going on.

Lots of other big Youtubers have joined Odysee/Lbry.
Just a few you have probably heard about.

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Money aside I’d like to see big creators port their content there just to help build it up.

It’s not about right, left etc. It’s about why an apple hater can still like apple simply for keeping other vendors on their toes/innovative. About competition and checks and balances. Youtube has too much market space.

i’ve heard it’s super easy to link your YouTube account so that your YouTube uploads port right over to lbry. It wouldn’t even be a chore for them to have their content load there and bolster lbry’s offerings.

Lots of the channels I like are over there, like Great Scott and EEVBlog- tech channels that don’t have any political slant, just want to help platforms grow.


We are thinking about hosting a peertube instance or two.


I went to check it out and this was on their front page.
NSFW!!! (Spoiler Edited on by Mutation666)

I hope you hosting it means you can also not show some categories, so it’s all SFW content.

Thank you for the spoiler, Mutation666. I didn’t know there is a NSFW spoiler feature.

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Yeah, looks about how I remember it from a year or two.

These guys know how to get views, and it does not do much for my faith in humanity.

Damn, well that’s the fediverse…

To be clear, you don’t have to two-way federate other people’s stuff on your instance.

I wonder if they’ve got NSFW tags though…


I hope so, because I can tell you that adult content will drive people away in an instant.

oh definitely.

I personally don’t mind seeing it pop up in my feed, but I’d like the ability to filter it out. And I sure as hell wouldn’t want my children to see that stuff in their feeds.

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Yeah, a filter is a must. But then some people will abuse that and not mark their content as NSFW for more views. I think the best way is to just have a whitelist of content creators we want on our feed. Because community flagging can also be abused by people.

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Yeah, you should be able to whitelist who’s federated on your platform.

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^This, 1000x. This is truly decentralized and it’s what most platforms failed to do (looking at you BitChute). Federation is the future.

Also need to make sure that content creators are getting paid somehow otherwise most will not be making videos. Although for some people it’s just a hobby that they have. That’s why I like Odysee so much. However, it is still not clear how valuable their crypto-coin will be.