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So I know you guys are into the crypto, but what do you think about

In short, its a decentralized alternative to Youtube and you get paid in crypto. It works surprisingly well considering it’s using the bit-torrent or something similar to host/stream videos. They have a feature that lets you automatically import videos from Youtube.

I just wanna hear your opinion on this platform. I am not associated with the people behind the project.

EposVox seems to be on there already. I found him by search you guys haha.

Eh this isnt their job and worst case they have floatplane at this point. Would be cool I guess but eh what void does this fill?

Well if it’s really decentralized then there is no censorship, but also getting paid by crypto too.(no advertisers to please) At the very least it’s a free video library backup.

I mean crypto is only worth it if you have a way to cash it out easily, they also have the backup situation covered (YT/Floatplane/Their own solutions) Most of their content doesn’t age super well, some of it does tho. I am not seeing a compelling reason to do it other than its free.

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Oh nice, lbry finally got their website going. Having it based on a client was a death sentence.
Looks like the video player could use some work still.

As far as l1t goes, my presumption is diversifying is not cost effective atm. Youtube works very well for the content they produce.

Doesn’t really cost anything to diversify in this case. Since the platform can automatically import videos and it will generate coins on it’s own basically.

But, yea, as mutation666 said if it’s not easy to convert crypto to cash it out then it’s not worth it for the most part. But who knows maybe this will explode.

Time, a finite and valuable comoddity.

It’s literally a few clicks but ok. If I had a channel on youtube I would it because why not? Even if this whole thing fails.