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Level1techs kvm stuck on port 2

Hello, I recently bought a level1 kvm, and was hoping I could get some assistance.

Starting a few days ago, whenever I switched to the second port, I would be unable to switch to another port using the physical buttons. However, switching with scroll lock seems to still work. This only happens when I switch to port 2. All the other ports can be toggled between using scroll lock, ctrl, & the physical buttons.

This sounds like a product support issue.

Normally this is handled through email, I believe, but I don’t have the address on hand. In lieu of that, I’ll just get Wendell’s attention. He can either help you here or advise you on how to proceed.


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Hmm, anything around the button cutout? Any chance it’s getting stuck on something? When you press another button does it flash red for just a moment?

Symptom sounds like button 2 thinks it’s being pressed and then held down. You might tap the button lightly just in case there is some debris interfering with the button press.

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Yeah, seems like that’s the issue. Can’t see any debris blocking it, but if I press down on button 2 extremely hard, it fixes itself for 1 switch.

Well poop. I’d be glad to solder in a new button. That’s weird!

It does sound like there’s something in/around the button or the button itself is defective. Second kvm only to be that, if that’s the case!

You’d have to mail it to me and it’ll take a day or two to patch up though

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