Level1Techs KVM Manual Online?

I lost the little sheet that came with my level 1 KVM describing how all the hotkeys work and can’t seem to find a digital copy of it in the store or in this forum. Any idea how I can find this? I got a new keyboard from drop.com and it’s not working by default and I have a feeling I need to use the hotkey that changes which keyboard mode the keyboard port is in.

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I’ve emailed the support email address on the store site, and also tweeted @wendell about this shortly after making this thread. No answer from any of those.

Krista has some version she’s working on. There’s a thread on here that has the keyboard shortcuts somewhere @SgtAwesomesauce might know where that thread is

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Sorry I missed this. Many of the keyboards that come from drop do not operate in HID mode, and as such do not work with the KVM. I’m in the process of building a KVM remote because my Drop CTRL doesn’t support the keyboard shortcuts. I’ll share a thread probably this weekend.

If the above keyboard shortcuts don’t work, you’ll have to find another way.

I’d also add that problem devices pass through just fine on USB3 ports and possibly a fix is disabling nkey rollover if that’s N option on your keyboard

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Thank you @SgtAwesomesauce , I needed the shortcut that made the USB 3.2 port change systems alongside the selector, it was stuck on port 1. Now I can use this keyboard! I knew I wouldn’t be able to use hotkeys with it, I just needed to set it up so it would function properly when switching with the physical buttons.

And thank you @wendell for producing such a quality KVM switch. I went through so many before finding one that worked with everything I have.

No wonder I couldn’t find that thread, it doesn’t have any tags on it. I did a lot of searching before I made my own.