Level1techs.com/contact not found

i was just messing about and it appears level1techs.com/contact is missing.


That page does not lead anywhere nor does it change the fact that level1techs.com/contact is missing.

found the level1techs.com/contact from the level1techs.com/about page

404 error

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Well I don’t fucking know everything else is a subdomain.

Lol thats fine, but did you even try the link you suggested before posting?

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This has already been reported not too long ago. Apparently nobody cares :man_shrugging:

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Welp. Lets try again.




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The site has a few bugs, @kreestuh and co are aware of most of them and are fixed where it’s fixable. The site overall will get some attention.

Where on the about page was it wrong?

all the way to the bottom where it say “Contact Us”. It links to level1techs.com/contact but linking to level1techs.com/contact-us should be sufficient.

I’m going to assume its been fixed. Because it links to contact-us now. Is it still an issue for you?

forum.level1techs.com/about still links to /contact for me

Ah got it. the main site one works, that one doesnt. @wendell or @kreestuh will get it when they have a minute.


yep. its as simple as changing contact URL in the admin settings :smiley:

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The contact page has always been at /contact-us. But I just added a URL redirect for anyone who tries to access /contact, so both should work now.