Level1techs.com blocked by palo alto web filtering as a games site

I just discovered that Level1Techs.com is now being filtered by networks filtered by palo alto web filtering as a games site. That's a shame because I enjoy reading the site for lots more reasons than for games and gaming news on my lunch break.

I wonder what the chances of getting that classification appealed?

https://urlfiltering.paloaltonetworks.com/testasite/urlquery Doesnt show up that way to me, guessing its a local classification

Yep, that appears to be the case... oh well. Probably not much I can do.

slip a 6 pack to your local IT team

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I recategorize websites for folks every now and then. Just call the guys up and tell then youd kike it recategorized to technology. They can override it on the firewall easy.

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