Level1Techs 1.4 DP 4-Port KVM

Hi, I have set up my Level1Techs 1.4 DP 4-port KVM and when I scroll on a primarily white screen, I can hear a slight buzz from my speakers. Is it possibly an internal issue in the KVM? I was thinking possibly non shielded 3.5mm audio cables. Mildly annoying. I’m hoping there might be an easy fix. Thanks.

You hear a buzz when scrolling on a white screen? Wild, I haven’t heard of that one before. Have you tried a ground noise isolator?

Yea, it’s weird. It could be something with the DisplayPort and the sound cables. Not sure. It does stop when I turn off the speakers. That’s why I was thinking shielded audio cables might help. I’ll give the ground noise isolator a try. Thanks.

Thank you very much for the help. The ground noise isolator fixed the problem. It’s so nice to not hear that low level buzz.

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Boom, awesome. Adding the FAQ