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is this real?


Yeah, SAOCOM 1A launch last night.


Fucking gorgeous, why did it create such huge cloud in the middle?


First stage has 9 Merlin engines (Hence Falcon 9) with quite thin nozzles optimised for atmospheric thrust.

Second stage has a single Merlin engine with a much wider nozzle, optimised for thrust in a vacuum, producing the wider spray. It was launched just after sunset, and the exhaust gases from the second stage caught the light.

That video was from Downtown LA. Scott Manley got a good shot the SF bay area.


Official photos on SpaceX’s Flickr

And some pretty ones from Twitter

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This person wins.



One of my favorite personalities is Emily Lakdawalla
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What Astonomy web sites looked like in the 90’s
Many moons ago NASA had it’s 4 great observatories idea.
2 survive, Hubble and Chandra
Chandra is back online

Best observing in the 18th



Juno, the gift that keeps on giving


Kepler back online after going into safe mode on oct 19th





yes I am the guy that has the astronomy thread on “Watching” :slightly_smiling_face:


For anyone who is interested:

Article: A solar sibling identical to the Sun

and paper:


Update a few days old kepler has run out of fuel and the telescope has been shutdown




the fuel shortage was warned about in may of this year it was expected and because 100 Million miles from earth and its antenna will not contact earth (pointed the right direction) so it was shut down.