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From the Offworld Series running on tested:

Featuring Aerospace Engineer Dr. Christianna Taylor and Scott Manley. :slight_smile:


Think thats good perspective as it has ordinary moon like our moon, and then that Titan


…That’s no moon.

OK, it is, but I had to. it’s not Tethys, though, it’s Mimas. You can tell by its characteristic huge crater, and from the looks of it, it’s cleared Saturn and ready to fire on Titan.

Also, I couldn’t find the gif I wanted. Closest thing to it.


Not astronomy as such, but some cool (or hot) stuff worth sharing :slight_smile:


I’m always searching for over 20min episodes and I dont like these quickly as possible cuts


Timing wise Parker is nicely happening as I just understood like last year that these dont know shit :joy:

Magnetic field seems to “whip” around like hair, and I understood that if those touch, it may, or may not cause flare burp :man_shrugging:t2:



Parker Solar Probe AKA Solar Probe Plus





I could probably get the mission and spacecraft design docs if I wanted to


Or maybe I posted them already…


Think it would be interesting little “test” to replicate results as they come

Like the worst case scenario would be that I simply cannot do it, and almost as bad would be that I know why cant I do it



The spacecraft’s near-ecliptic orbit allows repeated
…of polar coronal holes.


It seems coming form the supermasive black hole in the center of the galaxy.


This covers the mission that was chosen in several aspects



you could say that they just put ultima