Level1News Podcast very out of date

I tired to add the RSS feed (https://level1techs.com/podcasts/feed) on Pocket Casts, but the podcast hasn’t been updated since 2019.

Is there a way to update this or is there some other way to easily get the podcasts in audio only form?

I want to listen to it while driving.

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Use NewPipe, download as audio and play in VLC (or newpipe)

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It works just fine in any audio player on Android as well. Not limited to VLC.
For better organization you might want to either move the file to a dedicated folder with a file explorer app or set the download path for Newpipe audio files to your music folder. I can’t remember if Newpipe lets you set an “external” destination like a microSD as the the download folder. I think they added that feature but I’m not sure.

Alternatively youtube-dl but it’s an evil tool, only used by pirates. /s

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Newpipe could be a good alternative, but it doesn’t let me auto-download audio from the podcast playlist.

I could try to learn to create a youtube-dl script that automatically downloads the audio from new videos in the playlist, and then put that in a Plex folder.

It could work, but that’s not a very elegant solution.

when ripping audio from youtube nothing is elegant. it either works or it does not.

I use Youtube-dl to rip the audio.