Level1News 12/06/2016 Part 1: Who snoops on the snoopers?

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Great show. I just hope the man never sensors you guys :)


Ryan mentioned in the video that you should always have javascript turned off.
I'm wondering why that is? I haven't done any web development before, but I thought pretty much all websites used it.
Wouldn't switching it off cause problems?

Noob to forum here, just wanted to say hi and love your tech news. Have you changed camera? the quality just seems to have improved a lot on this episode on my screen.

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The US should definitely get rid of the penny. We did it 3 years ago and after maybe 3-6 months it was a non issue. Everyone got used to rounding up or down on cash transactions where you obviously pay exact amounts with debit or credit.

It does and yes.

If your using Tor to be anonymous. Running a program inside of your "hidden place" can and will undo you. Hence dont run code in your hidden browsing.

Its a royal pain in the ass and I dont even bother with TOR to start with but if your going off the radar VPN + TOR + a simple browser would be semi effective.

Lets say I have a VM with openVPN that connects to germany ...then that VM runs a VM with TOR that browses level 1 forums.

Where am I. ?

Totally skipping VPS's which would make it faster.

Hardware manufacturing is crazy complicated. I have spent about the last year doing exactly that. It took less than a day to make a prototype, it took a year to come to market in a responsible fashion.

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Hey new person! those types of question is better directed toward @wendell ,@ryan and @kreestuh.
They are the ones who produce the videos.
and again Welcome welcome hope you'll enjoy,prosper and benefit from threads and discussions and so forth here!

Classical music is a nice touch. Raises the standard. Great episode @wendell your hitting your stride now.

In the Netherlands Game of Thrones is network exclusive starting in the next season.

Most sites use it, yes, and it can be very annoying to block it but if you want to avoid tracking and other things that TOR is designed to defeat javascript can betray you. There's a great plugin called noscript that TOR browser comes packaged with, but is turned off by default. Noscript lets you whitelist js by domain, often you can just whitelist the site and CDN domains for site function and leave the marketing networks and other undesired things blocked.

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Regarding "Who snoops on the snoopers?"

This reminds me of David Brin's "The Transparent Society". He suggests that there really is no defeater to surveillance with the added connectivity of technological advancement. He also suggests the addition of institutionalized sousveillance (watching the watchers). I don't want to put words in his mouth so:


I personally don't subscribe to this because of the issues intrinsic to centralized models. There has been nothing but precedent of corruption and ineptitude. I also don't subscribe to the notion that these are just products of human nature; mainly because the behavioral sciences suggest otherwise. I also don't subscribe to the notion that political movement drives society; as all of the evidence suggests otherwise.

Though David Brin is a scientist (a card carrying astrophysicist to be exact), his suggestions are based in a political opinion; not a scientific one.

I personally would suggest that no one will watch the watchers; as legislation prevents it. What is probably most likely is cyber revolt that will result in some form of sousveillance; that will in turn promote decentralization of communications systems. The environmental pressure being the establishments lack of cooperation. There are already trends and considerations occurring now. Mesh networking, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding seem to be more likely in the absence of fundamental change.

This however is not my hope. I do hope not for a transparent society but an open one of data sharing. This is also the hope of Tim Berners Lee.

This however seems to require fundamental change; as the state of the state is resistant.

Lol, that audio at 29:40

Great episode btw!

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@wendell you say "released" but i think you mean "announced" … : (

29:38 spontaneous piano wut?

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Editing oopsy I guess :D

I was listening and was like, "wut? not the end already!!!"

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I thought exactly the same, lol

"We have a Patreon, we should mention that" Hahaha, thanks @pgpryan, that was genuine humour, made me chuckle.

@pgpryan have you checked your twitter, you have over 300 followers

Oh yeah, I doubt that I'm better educated; but that guy who wrote about censorship of the Vietnam war was probably the researcher / wistleblower Daniel Ellsberg; who released the Pentagon Papers.

He also wrote a landmark paper concerning Game Theory called "The Optimal Benefits of Perceived Madness"; which I can't find anywhere.

He also wrote this while a researcher as --> Rand <-- Corporation. Oh the irony!


More recently, he co-founded the Freedom of the Press Foundation; where he hired Edward Snowden.

Announcing Our New Freedom of the Press Foundation Board Member, Edward Snowden

Everything that this man writes is a good read. I would definitely suggest checking him out.