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I believe The Internet Archive already has a copy of most of it.

Apples’ ability to finance their products is concerning for a few reasons. First is the cost of Apple products. Then there’s the frog boil. If it happens over a larger period of time, it’s not so noticeable. Then there’s the effect it will have on independent repair. “Why fix this one for 1 to a few hundred bucks; when you can just get a new one, and finance it”? Their new debt based business model has some problems that they probably aren’t considering though. Collections is a pain; and a lot of what they will be “collecting” is what is seen in Rossmans vids. :laughing: Apple has had a lot of issues with service after the sale; and this is going to add greatly to that expense, because the sale is dragged out over time. I suspect that the time will correlate with the warranty; but even warranty periods have been an issue. Apple has catered to people who not only don’t understand tech, but also don’t understand how to care for tech. They pay a lot for it; and expect it to work until it doesn’t. Scientists, devs and artists are a small fraction of their market. This move is probably bad for everyone including Apple. OK maybe it’ll be a good thing for studios; or small dev teams.