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Since you mentioned Twitch 2FA in the last story… This actually seems to be a requirement for everyone, not just partnered accounts.

For example I can’t even get to my stream key without setting up 2FA (YouTube does the same).

And the funny part is, not even the PS4 that doesn’t even use a stream key can actually stream. When I start a broadcast, it doesn’t show up on Twitch either even though it says it’s live so… there’s that. I actually don’t know if it’s related, but it’s reasonable to believe.

The thing that annoys me about 2FA is that when you loose your device, or it breaks or whatever, you’re basically screwed. And something like Twitch is really not important enough to require it.

Also @wendell/@ryan “when the three of us need to use the same account”. Technically you don’t. I think I mentioned it on the stream before, but you can set up the PGP account so that you can manage and stream onto it with your personal account. In the Dashboard it’s in the Channel Settings under the stream key:

Weirdly, adding an editor is not in the same page, it’s under Roles.