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All that FCC news was glorious to hear, such a shame that it took this long for it to come to light.
On that Warren story, yeah I didn’t even know about that advising office either, so that’s why things went downhill… yikes!
Phaser story is interesting, i just imagine in the future we’ll have gang wars with phasers, truly the darkest timeline possible!
That Nasa robot story reminds me of this one toy I saw in a youtube video, Ive always been interested in robotics so id love to see how they managed to work around terrain induced accidents; and how effective/responsive the mechanical components are (like is it walmart toy speeds or boston dynamics running at you like some nightmare monster reaction speed)

To reference something you said

'Signal is better than telegram in my opinion"

Yes but only to the extent that its worse than wire. Wire is the best one right now as it stands. There are some decentralized solutions but they aint there yet