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Level1 News November 7 2018: Don't Like This | Level One Techs



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Watching Ryan fall into a drunken stupor is interesting, to say the least. Good to know that he looked into the legality of sex slaves. Also, the Apple vitrol is nice in this episode. Apple hiding iPhone sales number’s, Apple marking 5 year old devices as antiquated is ridiculous. Also, the Apple watches being bricked. Good one. It’s like they are slowly falling into that mid 90’s era of Apple , but this time they have infinitely more money.

Also, I didn’t even know Gavin McInnes was a US citizen since he came from Canada. They like to talk about him quite a bit here with the Canadian media.


“Stay tuned for friday…I love you”

I love you too, Ryan, I love you too.


Is the podcast audio feed dead permanently? It hasn’t been updated in 2 months.

Also I’ve experienced some playback issues with the mp3’s formed, and only some players play them correctly (they break seeking on my podcast app, antennapod)

Level1 News podcast feed not working

I feel like every episode of the L1News can be titled “Don’t Like This” and I would still fucking love it.

Three sheets to the wind Ryan is best Ryan.

Its almost like Drunk History but instead its current events/news/tech/hardware… fantastic


“Welcome to Costco, I love you.”


Is Ryan going down the anti-sjw rabbit hole? @19:27 “…the left being in charge of technology and … weaponizing it against the right?”


“A lot of people took issue with the left being in charge of technology and weaponizing it against the right”

He then goes on to talk about why they didn’t cover the gab thing… (takes “frank conversation drink”) then goes into coverage of mass shootings

I think he was just talking about both sides of the coin and allowing viewers to see something for what it is rather than trying to steer viewers into a certain viewpoint.

The whole point was because they don’t want to NOT cover mass shootings because