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Kickstarter is still the #1 crowdfunding resource. I’m a bit surprised by this; because it’s all about due diligence… which is far from common knowledge. I guess that there are more people than I realize that don’t mind getting burned a few times to support ideals that they think are good.

Back when Kickstarter was rising, “shut up and take my money” became “I got burned on Kickstarter”; and I thought it was going to be really bad. I hope I’ve learned from it. It just resulted in some social filtering that I didn’t expect.

I think that Kickstarter is still #1 because, if you don’t get totally funded, the money goes back. You would think that an individual or team that could produce and distribute successfully could also pull of a successful campaign. Now the ones that allow funding to go through without meeting the goal are often used for charity.

Surprisingly enough, considering the mass of content creators that exist now, Patreon is #5.

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OK, that whole blanket thing makes me laugh.

And apparently Ryan has a sign on his yard that says “Dead Bird Storage.”

As far as cruises is concerned… the look on @kreestuh face when @ryan mentioned a L1T cruise was priceless. Hilariously priceless. My sister and hubby went on one and absolutely loved it, want to go back… I’ve never done one but I reckon if there is enough alcohol I can get through anything.

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