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Level1 News May 28 2019: We Have Our Own Hikvision, Thanks | Level One Techs


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I’m thinking that banning trade with Huawei might blow up in the governments’ face. By not allowing the necessary components for their products, they’ll just pay a third party like Samsung or someone else to get them in a board or something. All that really does is decrease sales in American companies. It would also eventually force their hand to become a more well rounded tech giant; that also produces chips… out of necessity.

Adam Smith frowned upon such behaviors; because the lack of cooperation almost always hurts the uncooperative. He suggested that we bring economic disorder on ourselves with this type of strategy; and it’s played out that way historically.



I know Ryan wont read this, but I’m going to complain about the audio quality again.

More fuzziness when the mics pick up their voices. Someone with an audio hookup send them some gear and help them out!



Turkey is not in the EU, but it does have some agreements with the EU, which gives the European Court of Human Rights jurisdiction over Turkey.

These agreements exist because Turkey applied to join the EU, but then the negotiations stopped when Erdogan started to become autocratic.



I used to work at one of those places that called on behalf of firefighters foundation or something of the like. It was a low point in my life, also the worst job I have ever had.

The negative views are correct, and I was there over 10 years ago. The only good thing is I only worked there for a month.
The interview was to read a script clearly over a phone. I was young and dumb, and needed money.