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So the 5 eyes are not all playing ball. New Zealands not interested in the game, and U.S. and Japans population guess led me to a site displaying live computers births, it’s @ 100 million this year alone (https://www.worldometers.info/) even stranger is Ryans spending on computer games, he’s purchased TODAY alone, 1/4 Billion kahunas! seriously ? he’s got a problem.
btw, the forum link is ground hogging.

When it comes to fighting crime, there are a lot of slippery slopes. It’s too often resulting in punishing the innocent; as of late… say the past three or four decades. This is what I would be concerned about using things like facial recognition. There are many other ways it can be used and you can bet it will be used many other ways.

(Facebook interview)

Facebook has some pretty skilled social engineers.

All of this - we are interested in “doing the right thing” - talk begs for copious amounts of skepticism. Right now is one of the most difficult times to try to assume what is to become of Facebook. Every bit of what is to be published openly about Facebook should be expected to be polarized; and completely disregarding their financial woes.

Be prepared for preemptive PR, misdirection (subterfuge), bullying with a smile (and a hug if possible) and loads of Pavlov strategic BS. “You can trust us now!”

I don’t have a clue about what will happen to them specifically; but I’m confident they are fucked. The problem is that they could be the ones to burst the “ad bubble”. That is an ace in the hole; in a “too big to fail” sense. I wouldn’t suggest trying to short them. This is really bad on a global scale.

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Dammit @ryan

my first question was going to be “wheres krista”



We all know she was at someone’s wedding.

comments while listening to the episode…

trade wars: was there ever a war with cuba over trade embargo?
netflix tax: does that mean youtube is also included in that tax?

The tax is 9%. Since YouTube is free, then 9% of zero dollars is zero dollars.

Speak of mutually assured surveillance? Nice story, tell it to Readers Digest!