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Level1 News May 16 2017: Neutral Nets Catch Spam, Not Fish | Level One Techs


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Where can I effectively protest the policy surrounding net nuetrality? Is there a place to write?

Edit: didn't notice EFF's entry, should have known that would have a site like: .



Why is there two of these now? o_O


Where can I protest the policy of having broken down servers, that aren't capable of accepting my protest about FCC policies?



Probably it makes sense to merge them?


"Dumbness is bad."

Best. Wendellism. Ever.


Krista owes us an explanation why Túrin Turambar is worse than Fëanor ...

Edit: Just realised I got the trema wrong


Xfinity will be with you shortly to resolve your issue tic.


Let's see: fugitive murderer, joins criminal band, kidnaps a dwarf and kill his son, kills best friend, becomes politician and makes city-dooming choices, commits regicide, engages in incest, kills specimen of endangered species, gets told off and kills the messenger.

On the other hand, Fëanor was just an expropriated craftsman.


You got Fëanor wrong as well - quickly fix it before someone else notices :smiley:

Well I was looking forward to a 5h video explaining and detailing each and everything!


Damn, I shouldn't have trusted you! :stuck_out_tongue:

I expect the 5h explanation to come as an extra in the 12-BR extended edition of the Hobbit remake :smiley: