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:slight_smile: Krista ripped you on that one. Filters… so good.

A deeper story on Windstream

Or you can do a minor study on windbreaks. :slight_smile:

Rotton Tomatos context

Most articles seem to reference two things, Brie Larson’s interview with Marie Claire, and her speech at the “Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards”. The award speech is the one with the quote @ryan is remembering:

I do not need a 40-year-old white dude to tell me what didn’t work for him about A Wrinkle In Time;

Full quote in context

Our industry has gone through a major growth, we are expanding to make films that better reflect the people that buy movie tickets, but they are not allowed enough chances to read public discourse on these films by the people that these films were made for; I do not need a 40-year-old white dude to tell me what didn’t work for him about A Wrinkle In Time; it wasn’t made for him. I wanna know what that film meant to women of color, to biracial women, to teen women of color, to teens that are biracial; and for the third time, I don’t hate white dudes, these are just facts, these are not my feelings, and I’m really sorry Lindsay [her publicist], please don’t kill me.

This Youtube video appears to have most of the speech; with the aforementioned quote at 03:37. If you want to be (understandably) paranoid about possible editing, there is a cut at 2:21, but otherwise it seems fairly complete.

Both the interview and speech refer to the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, which made a report titled “Critic’s Choice?”.

Specifically, Brie Larson is advocating for using racial/sex quotas for film critics; so it looks another instance of the common, “I suspect racism is causing a problem, let’s use actual racism to …” model, which treats individuals as mere representatives for their racial groups.

If only Aragorn were here…

You cannot wield it! None of us can. Racism answers to stupidity alone. It has no other master!

Seeing in infrared? Meh… but there is always Dreamin In Infrared.

And while you are dreaming you could be Screaming In Digital.

on the topic of autonomous fighter jets…

Just get a powerwall and a few wind generators