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Level1 News March 13 2019: If You Anti-Vax, You Get The Axe | Level One Techs


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The part about men being underpaid at Google is a bit misleading - first of all, last year a statistic did find that women were, on average, underpaid (which is what the protest was about) and while it wasn’t comprehensive, it was the only data available since Google refused to run its own checks. A year later, this report found that women were paid slightly more in that specific area - that doesn’t mean women are overall paid more at google, or that a high percentage of women are paid more.

Furthermore, as BI reported:

As of 2018, Google was comprised of 69% males and 31% females overall. In leadership roles, however, those numbers widened even further, as 74.5% were male and 25.5% were female.

Google told us that many of its wage adjustments this year were found in the Level 4 Software Engineer position, and because there are so many employees in that job code, the number of adjustments needed tipped to being a majority male.

As for Ryan’s comment on the protesters getting the opposite of what they wanted - nobody is getting a pay cut, adjustments will be made (if necessary) by raising the wage of those who were found to be underpaid.

Please, be careful with these things - the waters are already muddy enough with people jumping on the hate wagon as soon as the “wage gap” is mentioned despite not knowing the actual work conditions inside any of these companies.


You can too sleep in your tesla…


I hope someone eventually ports Mycroft (open source assistant project) to Jibo, that would be pretty awesome…

I’d imagine we’ll see some units showing up on ebay for fairly cheap now that the online services have shut off.


I guess the OneTab got fucked up at the end so they couldn’t link/timestamp the video.

Also, @kreestuh 1:10-1:17


So is AI the new .com?