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Read on the internet that it’s illegal for the IRS to come after people for old purchases just because the IRS forgot something should be taxed?

can anyone confirm?


Print, cut, tape… And we are back.


No, but I can confirm that it is illegal to pay for your taxes by writing a check on a live pig.


Wait, you guys are leaving a long video with low views on the channel? That’s probably a really bad idea for the algorithm, since it’ll have low engagement/watch time.

If you want just the patreons to have the long video, you should probably just upload it to a side channel where it won’t affect the main one.


Ryan, great show with yourself and Krista! Unfortunately, I have more bad news about the Google-Milltary-Intelligence complex:

Yeah, it’s even worse than we first thought.


One thing that people keep getting wrong over and over again is thinking that corporations are private companies. They really aren’t… hence the Limited Liability Act and the boat loads of money they throw at congress. An IPO is an agreement for public funding… and not a good one.



The Pentagon spends more money in a year than most countries make, the US military is equal to the next six largest in the world combined, and weapons are our #1 manufactured export. We own the world and the idea the Chinese or Russians are competition is like calling an acorn competition for a squirrel. Anything in the US that people spend that much time and research on was intended to be weaponized from the beginning. Matel toys manufactured the M16 rifle, because they are experts with plastic. What else all these corporations and governments do to weaponize anything and everything is anyone’s guess.


You could really do away with the last topic. I don’t care why or how some random company changed their logo. It’s not important, interesting or funny.


A cardboard cut-out is the perfect substitute! Just rig up a soundboard of Wendell saying “I don’t know” in ten different ways, and nobody will notice.


One small screw has returned.


The photoshop disclaimer law in France: Can people circumvent this by just using Gimp or some other alternative?


I wonder what Nikolas Cruz’s Palantir score would have been.


I would Imagine Millennials don’t have bank accounts because they (including me) have other options to store and transfer the money we need for bills and bars etc. and have other more lucrative investment opportunities like crypto, stocks w/o commission & fees, and many other financial innovations that were not available to older generations when they started saving. I’ll agree that there are definitely many Millennials who do not have money to save due to debt and economic crisis right in the middle of most of them entering the workforce, but those of us who do have money to save are not putting it in a bank that pays 0.001% interest.