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(Quantum Computing)

I think the discourse about it is still a little out of context. The D-Wave was the first quantum computer in production. People weren’t accepting it because it didn’t use atoms to compute with even though it computed with quantum effects. The squids produced a form of superposition; where electrons traveled across them, in both directions, at the same time. This particular effect was what was used for computation. This was achieved by cooling the squids to super-conductive temps. Most of the first q-bits discovered were discovered on the D-Wave. It was a legitimate quantum computer; in spite of the discourse.


Turkey is on it’s way to becoming an evil Oligarchy; like the US! Awe! (single tear)



It’s ok for police to lie and pretend they are someone they are not IRL. I doubt the guy has a case.


Facebook wants control of information. They can make a killing off of a model that allows it. The problem is partisan politics though. Information doesn’t have to be accurate; much less coherent, and in politics, it’s neither. Some of what Facebook is probably aiming to do is favorable; but much of it is probably in the interest of creating public perception, in a social engineering capacity. I doubt that Facebook can pull off what they are after; and I’m confident that they will break stuff in a big way… again.


I think this will fail because Facebook video is and has always been a train wreck; and Facebook has no precedent with monetization. They don’t have a clue about what they are doing in a technical or economic sense. It seems like they are panicking and grasping at straws. They’ve burned bright; and now they are burning out. They’re just unable to connect with their patrons. Surprised? I’m not; and there’s no way Zuck will step down… ever.


One thing that is overly overlooked is that FB friends are FB patrons. It’s a weird context that is being thrown into this discourse. For instance, what response can be expected where a perception of personal responsibility is implied? “You mean they’re using me to get to my friends?” Wait just one minute. Your friends are Facebook patrons; and they’ve “signed” the EULA as well. The connections that Facebook makes between it’s patrons are being used to create a subtle yet false perception of personal responsibility. It plays on the innate response to defend loved ones as well. It’s pure, top down manipulation by the old masters in DC. All they can do however is embarrass him; because he didn’t break the law; or the EULA.

The Rand Corporation alone has probably filled an entire section of the Library of Congress on information about crowd control… via publicly funded research. This is why Daniel Ellsberg is so important as a whistle blower. He was involved in some of the most infamous of studies.

This one for instance:


The flickering tv again? C’mon man! No excuse for that in the 2nd week. Lucky I was eventually and miraculously able to not notice it and no it didn’t take alcohol to help me through it. I don’t remember the episode being anything special but I did like hearing the various things mentioned about Krista’s dog. That is saying something cuz I am not a dog person.

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I think Ryan has it down with D Wave. Quantum computing is still, after all, computing. D Wave provides the sort of number crunching power required for decryption and then some. By the looks of things the hardware part of it has been managed. I suspect the next step will involve the development of algorithms that can bridge standard 1’s ans 0’s computing with Quantum computers. I suspect Quantum is gonna get real interesting when it merges with A.I.