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The condition of the USs’ economy has me a bit concerned recently. I think Firefoxs’ subterfuge may be good for the privacy concerns of the public; but it’s one of the things that can hurt a lot of people.

For instance, Napster brought about the more modern platforms for distribution; but it also crippled an industry that has passed down the woes to the artists that produced it’s products. Napster was intentionally, not only disruptive, but also destructive. It resulted in pre-mature deprecation of markets that hurt a lot of people. It was a technology that just pushed too hard toward change.

This is kind of the way that I see Firefoxes’ new strategy. They’re poking one of the biggest bubbles that has ever existed with a stick. In an economic sense, it seems incredibly irresponsible. This is one of the reasons that I dislike elevating the privacy aspects of information exchange over the security aspects of it.

It seems pretty clear that the notion of “too big to fail” is a farce. Becoming too big is often how we fail. It’s just a matter of time. All systems have a rut of equilibrium that is a product of general normative influence. Of course this suggests that the bubble is doomed to burst regardless of our actions; however shouldn’t we be creating complexity to soften the blow as opposed to impulsively attacking the issues… or is it just me?

No; it’s not at all just me. It hasn’t been for more than two hundred years.