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It’s a Juggalo thing to do to substitute the ‘N’ word for Ninja. I guess using face paint to dodge facial recognition, they can use that phrase a little more literally now.

Roblox fucking - I bet mom has some pearls, a pearl necklace!

NVidia killer - This is taking the GPP to a whole new level, actually killing those that buy the competition.

(Driverless cars)

The thing about Arizona is it very rarely snows. Moisture doesn’t freeze into the cracks in the pavement and cause potholes. There are a lot of conditions that are favorable for such things because the environment is abnormally simple.

This is a cheat just like the chatbot that passed the Turing Test. When they are capable of navigating the most common environment, then they are on their way; and they’re not even close.


They are the perfect target. They tend to be the black sheep who only have the Juggalos as a support circle. Many of them are neglected or abused; and that means that drugs are going to be a large part of the community. Law enforcement has been going after them for a long time; because it’s a surprisingly large movement.

Considering that these people tend to be the most vulnerable citizens, going after them with the same campaigns that they go after murderous gangs with is pretty much a dick move. It’s probably all about the drugs.

This shines light on the opiate problem in the US. Insecure psyches tend to be vulnerable to substance abuse and addictions of all types. Just the social strife in the US can have that very effect. The fear of “terrorists”, “pirates”, “hackers”, “insane political leaders” …etc. etc. can send the human psyche toward an artificial replacement for the lacking Dopamine; because civilization is an uncomfortable environment to begin with. You can’t wind up homeless, at the bottom of the disparity barrel in hunter gatherer societies. Lack of confidence in one’s ability to survive and thrive is a huge issue in the human psyche. There are numerous studies about such things; and the common denominator is top down influence and the resulting disparity.

The Juggalos are a tribe; that are a solution of sorts for lack of a secure circle. They are an extremely interesting development in modern forms of dissent. They’re nothing to be afraid of. Their only cause is to be a family for those who lack family. Of course a small percentage of them are likely to be dangerous; because they have been poorly socialized in the developing years, but most are probably just a little screwed up and looking for someone to lean on.

I think I like them.

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Plug Spreading

Correction! not really

This is the Nintendo DS/DSi/3DS adapter, not the switch one :stuck_out_tongue:
But the one for the Switch is just as horrible.

Vegan Electricity:
Is it really vegan when it’s an animal byproduct? It might be vegetarian because it’s not killing them, but vegan means no byproducts either right?

Not sure the government is too concerned by tree-huggers
flying drones into or launching fireworks at nuclear installations
they were built to take a bit more than that

Oversize Plug story

In some cases, maybe the adapter is wider than normal because it was designed to fit multiple plug types with limited modification?


I know the European plugs are mostly larger than USA’s A and B types. Unfortunately that IEC page doesn’t show the relative sizes though…

Gotta say the (old?) Apple Plugs for macbooks are pretty good at that, they have exchangable plugs and never block more plugs then they need.