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Ooooo, somebody is engaged :slight_smile: Congratulations to somebody. Wish you all the happiness you can take :slight_smile:


The software’s name is GHIDRA and in technical terms, is a disassembler, a piece of software that breaks down executable files into assembly code that can then be analyzed by humans.

This isn’t anything new.


Hey we’ve got this phone, we know the number, just Skype it.

Skype uses accounts, not phone numbers. You’re confusing it with WhatsApp.

The vein-capturing actually is more/less simple … They just used a normal DSLR, which is explained and shown in their original talk (englisch translation is sometimes a bit flaky … so, try the german if you can):

Link: https://media.ccc.de/v/35c3-9545-venenerkennung_hacken#l=eng&t=680


Isn’t that name just asking for a comparison with HYDRA?

More seriously, it would be interesting to see a detailed comparison between IDA, Radare2, and GHIDRA

Adding to that, the news make it sound as if the goverment was hacked, which wasn’t the case.

Everything released is from personal private accounts, no goverment-owned infrastructure was affected.