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Level1 News January 2 2019 - Going Phishing in the Hot Tub Hack Machine | Level One Techs



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I’m curious if CL can face fines due to 911 outages. The fact they don’t have their network setup in a way to prevent stuff like this from happening is scary.


Honestly no shit AT&T you suck… hahah… 4G did not even hold up to spec and RF spec when it was released. This kind of redefined bullcrap hurts standards. It just makes me so angry as an RF engineer. I am so tired of these companies redefining IEEE standards when they can actually meet them with ease. Im a bit drunk so I am going to shut up before I say too much. Great video guys keep it up!

4G was supposed to meet stationary 1 gbps and mobile 100 mbps minimum. Im all for gradual ramp up but redefining a standard does not make you suddenly catch up with the world LOL


Intel vows better communication with partners? What about fuckin consumers? Seriously… stop lying your asses off about what actually have cough cough 28 core 5ghz cough cough.

I don’t think they will actually follow through. Five years ago this happens there would be no alternatives. They could throw the double middle fingers at enterprise and enterprise would be forced to take it. Now… oh boy, you have AMD making a seriously competitive product and ARM making moves. I think Intel will stay as obtuse as they can so the partners who actually do have hardware available with either AMD or ARM (or both) don’t go… oh it’ll be 3 months before XXXX is available, we have YYYY and ZZZZ in stock, would you like to look at those?