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That non-functional thermos stat thing after getting a copyright notice feels like it was aimed at Canada. We Canadians love our piracy, and it is freezing here six mouths out of the year.

nice to know that my shitposts are protected by some sort of US law.

Also, Apple users are allegedly creative people, I’m sure they will find a way around the death icicles.

And made it to the end of the video. 1:22:12 is long for a very short news week. I like to think of your “gibberish” as the Level1Techs equivalent of Star Trek technobabble. It’s there to eat up time, but amusing never the less.

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We all know what the end result of Krista after 12 hours of filming the news. Them textures :poop: (Just a joke everyone :stuck_out_tongue: )

You guys made a great show this week. Honestly I laughed at this one more than any others due to the level of absurdity you guys discussed. Thanks.

We know :slight_smile:



That’s always a loaded topic for one reason. The vast majority of people in any crowd are poor at reasoning. Humans are intrinsically poor at it; and that distribution includes not only the general public but also law makers, bureaucrats, politicians, CEOs, pilots, astronauts and even scientists. We call Hawking, Einstein, Bohm, Feinman etc.etc. geniuses based on comparative data from the general sample. Nothing demonstrates lack of reason like the phrase “I know what I saw”; and “credible” people say it.

It used to be that 5% of the reports could not be explained. Now it’s probably more like .005%. The only trail that seems to even be vaguely interesting is Martyn Stubbs report and he calls it “The Smoking Gun”. Small streaks and poorly focused blobs == smoking gun? I don’t think so.

In every circle, the vast majority of people are poor epistemologists.

(Facebook fake news)

The problem with Facebook trying to classify anything is their social engineers know jack about Ethology. They are not surveying their own push back from academia; much less the hot mess that is the current political climate. They see it right in front of them and still think they can effect it. Zuck isn’t going to be effective because he has chosen a side; so have his “social scientists”. They are not the thumb. They are under it. The only thing they will actually effect is legislation that helps their quarterly margins… because their lobbyists have a better understanding of the system.

Like almost every one else, they are going to keep guzzling that koolaid no matter how bitter it starts to taste; because maybe a couple of them can actually reason, and are just in it to pay off their student loans and have something that might impress someone on their resume.

This is what happens when introspective data isn’t part of the “meta” analysis.

Ah is that what the apple store is meant to be? They look like kind of trashy knock off art deco lantern some asshole would hang in his house. I guess the line is crossed when customers must crawl over the pile of corpses with mysterious holes in their heads, to get their modestly priced replacement battery.

They want to, ironically, knock down an art deco building in Melbourne, Australia to build one of these. Much to the Public’s disgust. The look terrible.

Samsung wouldn’t do anything like that, they are too busy buying out the government it seems.

Anyways rant over.

Not sure if Charlie Brooker is taking suggestions for Black Mirror, no shortage of material. They kind of did the “you have to watch the advert” in a very dark way in “Fifteen Million Merits”.

I liked the more conversational news this week, ws good to have a laugh at all the bullshit people put in articles haha

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@kreestuh cracked me up this morning with the Shiaiit midwest poke @wendell. Also @wendell Black Mirror did an episode in season one where they created a dystopian future adpocolypse like you mention @25:30 kinda sorta.

@ryan (@36:10) you can definitely get Lloyd’s of London to insure your pallette. Not just whiskey, there is a tea flavor profiler (I think at Lipton) that has done just that. I am sure there must be others.

Great show everyone. You each brighten my Tuesdays.

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Telsa is going to make a pickup because in the USA the top 3 selling consumer vehicles are pickup trucks:

Even if the majority of pickup buyers would never consider an electric vehicle before they are mainstream or pass the 50% of new vehicles milestone, it’s a big pool of buyers to cut out a slice of the market.

Most’ll get one if they are cheap or faster/more torque than rolling coal.

I wanted to comment on the nature of the conversational format that you guys mentioned, particularly regarding how it translates to podcast listening. I used to watch the videos religiously, but I’ve taken to listening to the podcast in the car or at work, because it kills time pretty well.

I definitely like the conversational nature of this one better than some of the other L1Ns. That’s not to say the others were bad, but when it comes to listening rather than watching, they can feel pretty sterile. I was thinking about why I listen to the L1N versus the competition and these are the reasons I came up with:

In depth discussion. You guys don’t just read the headline for every article, some of them you choose to discuss in a real way, which is appreciated.

Unique perspective. I know that Linus and others aren’t going to be able to offer the level of insight that you guys can provide. All of the other supposed in-depth tech discussion really just tends to be hardware videos and benchmarks, and while I do appreciate those because they help me make informed purchases, I’m not really buying that much hardware, maybe once a year I’ll buy a new piece of hardware, and I suspect the majority of your audience is the same (either that or they’re all very wealthy). And while I do watch a lot of hardware videos, they aren’t something I’d listen to in podcast format because they just aren’t that entertaining. Not to mention, regurgitating stats and benchmarks doesn’t tell me much about the hardware. I’d rather have someone explain how it works, what’s unique about how it works, and why that might make it a better purchase. That’s worlds more interesting. So as far as the nature of the Level1 News, there’s really nothing else like it that covers topics, especially as in depth, and from the perspective of someone that’s more interested in process than just pure outcome.

No politics. Honestly, half of the podcasts I listen to are politically based, maybe even more, but I appreciate that L1 isn’t because it is easy to be burned out on politics and this is my default to throw on. When you’re the dude (or dudette) talking in someone’s ear, if you start reigning down opinions (which to be honest, is nearly 100% of modern politics, as philosophy is all but absent from any discussion), it’s easy to be arrogant and annoying, even if you’re correct on the issue. I’m glad this is avoided.

There’s a lot more reasons why I really like L1 (and TekSyndicate before) but those are the main reasons I like the podcast element. It’s something I can listen to, be engaged with, not be bored.

As far as the conversational style itself? When it comes to podcasts, content is king. First you need good content, which you guys already have. After that, I think that the key to a podcast is to be inviting, and be conversational. All the great podcasts really make you feel like you’re in the room, hanging out with the people in it. The best way to do that is to be talkative, go on tangents, and just have a natural flow of conversation, rather than simply announcing things. Someone that does this well is Joe Rogan. Most of his topics honestly bore me, and he’s an arrogant know-it-all, but the format works so well that it’s still actually pretty easy to listen to, even if you aren’t interested. The alternative would be Brian Lunduke. Brilliant mind, clearly a very genuine guy, almost impossible to listen to because it feels like he’s reading a prepared script every time.

So those are just my thoughts. Obviously not everyone will think like me, but I have noticed I tend to like most of the top podcasts so maybe I’m pretty similar to the average podcaster? Definitely the biggest thing is just feeling like you’re in the room and part of what is a normal conversation. To me that is the defining feature of a good podcast (after the content, of course, but you guys have that nailed down already).

Anyways, great work, I really can’t understate how important L1T is and how great of a job you guys do. There’s really a lot of important things happening right now, and this is a great starting off point when it comes to addressing the future of tech and the huge implications that it is going to have on every facet of human existence in the future. Thanks for all the hard work.


Not related to any of the news in the video… is it D3ath becuase death would have got you demonitised?

Yep (lol 5 chars)

  1. You spelled D3ath wrong… d3Tah is the correct spelling

  2. Buddha Aristotle Hayek and Marx - Is this a new law firm?

Great review! There are plenty of podcasts out there, many are quite hard to listen to. I think L1T have a good balance.

Some podcasts insist on arguing and creating artificial drama. Others go down on each other a bit too much, get a bit chummy, finish each others sentences, laugh a bit much at each others jokes. Both are pretty difficult to listen to.

Also I cannot get enough of the dark humor. Don’t hold back.


Judging by some of the tech news that is surfacing right now, I suspect that next Tuesday’s episode is going to be riveting. LOL :slight_smile:

That’s stupid imho. People can use profanity, dress provacitley, and videos where people are in terrible sensationalized situations (cough Logan and Jake Paul cough)…

But death written on the screen. That’s a red line… If I had earned more than $7,500 this year, I would be putting up patreon. Because this show really is quality over quantity. Having time where the topics are discussed in a way different from traditional news is a welcome change of pace. I feel like I speak for the majority and say thanks for that. Keep up the good work.


Tesla should be finish fulfilling their Model 3 orders first. My brother is supposed to be prioritized due to being a Tesla owner, and pre-ordering at one of their shops. But people who had pre-ordered online are getting their customization options before he is. :roll_eyes:

Apple battery replacement offer: