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Had delivery robots in my town for just about a year now. They can deal with a tiny bit of snow.

Never had the pleasure of one trying to navigate my house’s garden gate.


About Fallout 76, this is the story, that I’ve heard:

Some players have claimed they were banned simply for using mods that do not give them an advantage, such as visual enhancement mods.

Some players have expressed frustration at being banned for using mods which fixed perceived problems with Fallout 76. For example, the recently added option of ultra-wide resolution has been widely criticised by fans. As a result, a mod is available on NexusMods which offers a fix. Unfortunately, any player who uses it still risks receiving a ban. While in certain instances like this, a single mod might cause no real harm, Bethesda’s team likely don’t have the necessary time to go through every mod’s code to verify that it doesn’t cause any unintended (or intended) problems.

People try to fix the game with mods (just like all other Bethesda games), and then get banned because Bethesda thinks they’re cheating.



If you grew weed using the ashes of someone who died, and then smoke that weed, they can communicate with you from the afterlife

You must be talking about How High:


Correction @Wendell @ryan.

I’m using burner account to hold my illusion of an Internet privacy.

I live in Saudi Arabia, and the text msg thing is a part of mobile notification system to inform you about your current official documentation status. For example. “Your license is finished”, “your papers has been approved”. And for this situation “your divorce papers is done”. Just this, not an abstract situation like Krista has said. I’m sure everyone has something similar. It’s just Media being edgy in the headlines as usual.

And for what wemen can do, is simply utter bullshit. Wemen can travel alone, there are plenty in US colleges and around the world. They can start business, there are many successful ventures owned by women.

Like WTF guys, of course they can open bank account and issue personal passport. Have higher education and internet access. Women can buy cars, camels, airplanes, gold, property, you name it. There were women pilots before they can drive cars.

I’m surprised that was written in BBC of the the news sources, a simple fact check could have cleared that. And please don’t take my word for it, do your search.

I know a lot love to jump on “saudi shenanigans” wagen, but come on, some common sense would go along way.

I LOVE this site and this channel, easily my favourite Teck source. Saudi Arabia almost exclusively comes in a bad light. So mush of misinformation floating around, it makes me sad, there is the good like there’s the bad. Probably one day you decide to visit and see for yourself.

Edit: words

  • Isn’t the point of using a drone is so that you don’t have to climb to the top of a freakin’ bridge tower to get good video?

  • Can the art-forgery AI also be used to determine who made a particular picture instead? If so, they should scour those “rule 34” sites and then contact any professional artists & animators it matches about “donating” to the project.

  • As for the New Jersey story, I guess it’s like they say: “If you’re ever tempted to kick a dog, murder a child instead. You’ll do less time.” :frowning:

  • SPOILER ALERT: The villain in Birdbox turns out to be the Gremloblin from Gravity Falls

  • The Real New Helen Keller Challenge: Keep your eyes closed, don’t listen to anyone, and advocate for a form of socialism so extreme that even the Soviets thought it was too much. (BTW, in Lies My Teacher Told Me it almost sounds like Helen Keller and Woodrow Wilson were arch-enemies. Get Tyler Perry and Jackie Chan in the starring roles and me that wouldn’t make an awesome biopic!)

I had wanted to visit Saudi Arabia, but I was told I’d first have to get a visa at the Saudi embassy… and I’m told the wait times there can be murder.


its similar to a couple of years go when people were tiping smart cars all over the country lolol


You had me at prosciutto.